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Ohio’s Hidden Wonders: A Guide to the Animals & Plants of Ohio’s Vernal Pools

This field guide is dedicated to the animals and plants of Ohio's vernal pools. It answers questions like:

  • What does a fairy shrimp look like?
  • Where can you find tiger salamanders in Ohio?
  • Can swamp rose be found in a vernal pool?
Field Guide

You'll learn the answers to these questions and more in this full-color, wire-coiled, tabbed guide! Sections include: Frogs & Toads, Salamanders, Snakes, Dragonflies & Damselflies, Turtles, Spiders, Macroinvertebrates, and Plants. This is a great guide for the novice or veteran interested in the wonder of Ohio's vernal pools.

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Contributors to this guide include state and local experts in flora and fauna. Written contributions are from Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, Friends of Wetlands, Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ohio Environmental Council, Ohio EPA, Ohio Odonata Society, The Wilderness Center, and individual authors.

This collaborative effort was made possible by The Columbus Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Vernal pool video: "Ohio Vernal Pools: Diamonds in the Rough"

fairy Shrimp
Come along with OEC and several state experts as they explore the vibrant lands called “vernal pools.” Learn about amazing life history of creatures such as wood frogs, spotted salamanders, and fairy shrimp. Find out what threats are the greatest to these special ecosystems; and learn what you can do to protect the last vernal pools in Ohio.

Watch macroinvertebrates and crustaceans in action!.

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